Several ten-thousand businesses are depositing cash portfolios and checks at bank branches across Israel, with self-service safes provided by Balamuth, for which it have developed interfaces and service for the bank's core systems. Balamuth represents the world's 3rd biggest manufacturer in the ATM field - GRGBanking.

The Balamuth Company represents the GRGBanking Company, an ATM manufacturer and a world leading Recycler ATM manufacturer, which developed systems providing a 24/7 checks and cash portfolios depositing service, in a joint venture with leading banks.
In this day and age, when banks are closing branches, Balamuth and the GEGBanking are jointly providing unique solutions, which serve as a human alternative to digital bank branches via remote control systems. 

Featuring projects and clients:

  • Installing 24/7 systems in Leumi Bank.
  • Installing 24/7 systems ("Mimsaron") in Hapoalim Bank.
  • 24/7 systems project in Discount Bank.

Featuring customers:
Hapoalim Bank, Leumi Bank, Discount Bank"