Information posts (kiosk)

Balamuth is a pioneer in the field of advanced self service solutions.
Due to its experience of recent decades, Balamuth has developed and manufactured a variety of innovative solutions improving users' experience and streamlining its client's operations.
all of Balamuth's solutions take into account easy use and convenience, emphasizing speed and simplicity.
These posts also comply with Israeli accessibility standards.

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for decades, Balamuth has manufactured and supplied information posts (kiosk) for organizations.
These systems feature top of the line self service outfitting.
There are thousands of our line posts in Israel, supplied to the largest organizations, including HMOs, banks, government departments, municipal authorities and more.

ערן סדיס
Phone: 072-2129992
Cell phone: 052-6717788
עולם השירות העצמי
עולם השירות העצמי ערן סדיס Phone: 072-2129992 Cell phone: 052-6717788
Yitzchak Sade 34, Tel-Aviv-Yafo Phone: 072-2129888 FAX: 072-2124769 Open hours: א׳-ה׳ 08:30-17:30